Thursday, 29 December 2011


☝Khairul Azri☝

Ni Khai !
kwan paleng baek dgn aku !
aku suke lpak ngn dye , kalo dye nak pegi mane2 msti suruh aku tman dye , tapi best sbab time jlan ngn dye , dye suke buat lwak tu yg aku suke kwn ngn dye 
takpe aku bole jmpe dye kat KL bab dye slalu lpak KL !

One Gang !
Meldy , muiz , Zainol , Albert , Zairiq

Kawan terbaek aku ! smua ni kwn baek aku ! dorng baek ngn aku ! nak tau name dorng ! ni aku nak gtau ni ! 
    Dari kiri ->Meldy , muiz , zainol , albert , zairiq

ni lah kwan yang aku slalu lpak ngn dorng kat cc , aku suke kwn ngn dorng tapu syg aku da tak leh lpak ngn dorng sbb aku da pinda ! sedey aku ! nak jmpe pon kat KL je , tapi jarang ar nak jmpe , aku duduk jaoh ! nak dtg KL pon kene naek train ! k ar ni je lah yg aku nak gtau 
sory sbab tak bnyak cte ! 

♔Sukan Extreme aku♔

Parkour (or PK) is a method of movement focused on moving around obstacles with speed and efficiency. Originally developed in France, the main purpose of the discipline is to teach participants how to move through their environment by vaulting, rolling, running, climbing and jumping. Parkour practitioners are known as traceurs. They train to be able to identify and utilize alternate, more efficient paths. Parkour can be practiced anywhere, but areas dense with obstacles offer many different training opportunities.

In the film Jump LondonSébastien Foucan states that "Le Parkour has always existed, free running has always been there, the thing is that no one gave it a name, we didn't put it in the box. It is an ancient art [...] The Neanderthals, to hunt, or to chase, or to move around, they had to practice the free run." The latter was also an inspiration for the famous on-foot chase scenes of Hong Kong stuntman, martial artist and actor Jackie Chan.[11] In Eastern martial arts such as Ninjutsu and Qing Gong, movements similar to those of Parkour have been taught for centuries and with a similar aim. In Jump London, Foucan does acknowledge the influence of martial arts movies on the development of Parkour: "We also climbed onto the roof of our school. We pretended we were Ninja warriors".

Profesional athelet parkour :)
 1:David belle 
       2:Raymond belle

Belle family

David Belle, parkour founder, at The New Yorker Festival
Raymond Belle was born in Vietnam, at the time part of French Indochina. His father died during the First Indochina War and Raymond was separated from his mother during the division of Vietnam in 1954. He was taken by the French Army in Da Lat and received a military education and training that shaped his character.[16] After the Battle of Dien Bien Phu, Raymond was repatriated to France and completed his military education in 1958. At age 19, his dedication to fitness helped him serve in Paris's regiment of "sapeurs-pompiers" (the French fire service).[16]
David participated in activities such as martial arts and gymnastics and sought to apply his athletic prowess for some practical purpose. He trained extremely hard mostly to try to win the approval of his father Raymond.[15] At age 17, David left school seeking freedom and action. He continued to develop his strength and dexterity in order to be useful in life, as Raymond had advised him

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

ap LANCAU  ayt at ats tu ? gedik bagai . aku nan adek aku dok menyampah gune ayt tu . WATTAPAK -.- muke deo .. kalo aku na ckp , mawas lagy cute dr muke dea . comment gamba aku , ayt dea cmnie ..
"bajed encem je .."
agak BABI ayt tu ? muke siamang bajed hot je . kt blkg aku kaw ckp aku balak kaw lha ?!! wehh , ngadap BABY aku dulu lha , sial ! da lha . mls aku na ngamok at cnie . lebih baek aku jage mak aku je . oke lha ..


Joker Rugby Team !

Ni lah team ragbi skola aku ! tapi sayang aku da pinda so tak dpat nak maen ngan team ni ,
skola baru aku iaitu SMKBTP mane ade ragbi ! miskin btol nye skola , huhu 
team ni takde la hebat sgt tapi bole tahan la bab ad player pro kat team ni iaitu Miki , khai , arin , acap , paez and the last one is rohid sebagai capten team kteorng
ni je la cte yg aku leh bgtau ,
k sekian :)

♔My Favourite Dj♔

Dj blend !

Ni lah idola aku ! aku nak jadi Dj cam Dj Bl3nd , aku minat Dj Bl3nd sbab dye punye lagu stylo gyle ! Ni lah cite-cite aku nak jadi Dj profesional cam Bl3nd nie ! haha ! aku nak sgt jmpe dye nie ! kalo aku dpat jmpe dye aku nak tngkap gambar , t.tangan bl3nd and aku nak mask Bl3nd !
ni je lah yang aku nak cite :) !
thank for read ! ^_^